Hello Dave

Nice to hear from you, and thanks for your paper. Salutary!

All best wishes


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Subject: Re: New sea cucumber paper
Nice one Mark. Reminds me of the huge backlogue of sea cucumber and sea star papers that I have still to complete.

On a related matter, a thought occurred to me about deep cucs. Lots of deep-water video footage is being taken in the
S. Indian Ocean adjacent to W. Australia (by Fugro I think) in the (thus far fruitless) search for a missing MAS plane. It might be interesting to review this footage for cucumber abundances and possible identities (if the camera is HD).

Meanwhile, I attach a cuc paper, published by an Indonesian colleague and myself, that no-one seems aware of !!


A/P David J.W. Lane
Research Affiliate,
Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum  (formerly  Raffles Museum)
Environmental Consultant,
Brunei Darussalam

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Subject: New sea cucumber paper
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Greetings all

I have just published a paper on the sea cucumbers of the Kerguelen Plateau, in collaboration with Jessica, Melanie and Didier.

The pdf is about 11 MB and may not transmit. To avoid a mixed result of successful and unsuccessful transmissions I will not attach the pdf.

But you can find and download the pdf readily at:

<Memoirs of Museum Victoria Journals>


<ResearchGate Peter Mark O'Loughlin>

With best wishes to all