Thanks Dave and Doris

Delighted always to hear from you. Many fond memories of my Washington trips, and of Cynthia and John.

Pleased that you are managing to fit in and enjoy echinoderm-related work. May that continue.

I have celebrated my 80th and age is telling! But thankfully not too confused and feeble yet!

Warmest best wishes


Peter Mark O'Loughlin
(Honorary Associate Museum Victoria)
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Subject: Re: New sea cucumber paper

Hi Mark,

Congratulations to you and colleagues on this lovely piece of work!  I was very interested to see the resurrection of Studer's Molpadia violacea!  I can't tell you for how long I agonized over the status of the various southern oceans Molpadia "species", finally throwing a bunch of them into synonymy w/musculus... a form of surrender, I guess.  But, it's grand today, isn't it, to have another set of diagnostic tools at the molecular level, to help enormously with decision-making about the status of various taxa.


Doris and I trust you're keeping well these days?  We seem to be spending more time in doctors' offices than in our laboratory these days, but we're still enjoying doing echinoderm-related things!


Best from us, Doris and Dave.


David L. Pawson
Emeritus Senior Scientist,
National Museum of Natural History
Smithsonian Institution,
Washington DC 20013-7012.
Phone: 202-633-1757

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Subject: New sea cucumber paper

Greetings all

I have just published a paper on the sea cucumbers of the Kerguelen Plateau, in collaboration with Jessica, Melanie and Didier.

The pdf is about 11 MB and may not transmit. To avoid a mixed result of successful and unsuccessful transmissions I will not attach the pdf.

But you can find and download the pdf readily at:

<Memoirs of Museum Victoria Journals>


<ResearchGate Peter Mark O'Loughlin>

With best wishes to all