I often think digital or electronic records is the real Pandora’s box.  Once open it can never be resealed.   We find that nothing is private.  Nothing is ever truly secure. Exposure is all too easy due to the duplications and dissemination that unauthorized persons can accomplish.

Like a house with many doors, the house can be breached in so many ways. 

I predict the next great inventor will be the person who creates an effective digital watchdog. 

The part I don’t get is the intrusionists doing what they do, just to show that they can.  I understand hacking a bank and stealing money because you enrich yourself with the theft.  But the people who expose Ashley Madison accounts do it just for the feeling of ruining someone else.

Now the digital vigilante has a power that destroy lives.  While the Bible tells us no one is free from sin; and these exposures certainly prove that, they miss the point that says “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” 

The thing that seems to be the end result is……  there is nothing left to respect in Society.

No corporation or politician when exposed by the all seeing eye of the digital empire can emerge unscathed.

Next up we will read about fictional digital information inserted into people lives and their computer’s fictional information which will then become real because it looks like all the true digital records.   Then the intrusionists can seek and destroy anyone or any corporation.

Hugh Smith
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