Hello BESTers,

This article is an interesting case study about unsold root vegetables 
(parsnips to be exact) on a farm in the UK. In one week, 20 tonnes of 
parsnips were discarded because they did not meet the stringent criteria 
required to be marketed, but were otherwise unblemished.  The high 
quality of food we expect and the arms race of grocery stores to be 
gleaming with perfect produce has led to a situation where anything less 
than perfect is automatically discarded.  Fortunately, selling ugly 
produce is becoming fashionable but there is still a lot of room to 
improve.  Hopefully someday these rejected veggies will sit proudly next 
to their perfect cousins at your local grocery store or produce stand.

Have a great weekend,


Viewpoint: The rejected vegetables that aren’t even wonky
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
BBC Magazine
October 28, 2015