Livestock Farming Is Changing Agriculture on Long Island

New York Times

May 2, 2015

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In Long Island, potato farms have been transformed into other varieties of farms such as sheep, chicken, and pigs. The new farms were created under the "Farms For the Future" Initiative which focuses on creating new non-industrialized farms for consumers and encouraging young people to establish farms.

The Eight Hands Farm in Long Island is using agricultural innovations to enhance their farming practices. It aims to go back to farming styles where animals can express their natural instincts on open grazing land and where the people know the farmers producing their products.  The farm consists of 28-acres for approximately 145 Icelandic sheep used for fleece, milk and meat, as well as a litter of Tamworth Pigs.  They use natural farming methods such as rotational grazing to keep the pasture and animals healthy. Rotational grazing allows the pasture to rest and recover between grazings and provides healthier forage for the sheep.

Another farm "Browders Birds" was established from the "Farms for the Future" Initiative that raises organic pastured poultry. Since organic pastured poultry was not an option for consumers in the past, the public has responded with high demand.  One unique aspect about this farm is community involvement from the start of each season.  Shares of the farm are sold to individual members of the community and they receive eggs and poultry in return. 

These initiatives help their surrounding communities by educating the public on where their food comes from and providing organic alternatives to food products. The consumers feel more secure when buying food products from people they know that practice natural holistic farming practices.  For more information on these new farming initiatives, please go to:




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