Hi all:  In the Fall, I like to do an ANONYMOUS mid-semester evaluation.  I know surveys take time, but I really value your comments, and I like to get them early - so you still have a chance to influence YOUR experience of the class, and not just that of future cohorts. This has the same format as the official UF evaluation at the end of semester.

The link is

If you could, please complete these evaluations by noon on 10/20/2015.  That will give me time to compile results and share feedback with you.  I'll give you a few progress reports as the date approaches.  My goal is to get 100% response - or close - so that the results are representative.

Thanks in advance.  The numerical ratings actually don't matter much to me, but it is your comments that I can make the most use of.  So, concrete suggestions for improvement are especially valued.


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