Hi Frank – The wording does not seem sufficient to take as a type designation – he “attaches” lactea, and new species connectens.  This is how others have interpreted it also, and both Smiley & Pawson list and Gebruk have a subsequent designation – I am just not sure by whom?  Cheers – Gustav


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Subject: Re: type species for Zygothuria


HI Gustav,

Reading the original description of Zygothuria by Perrier (1898) might not it be considered that Perrier, himself, 'indicated' the type species as lactea (even though he does consider it 'polymorphic') and to which  he 'adds' the second, and new, species connectans to his new genus??


Just a thought,




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Subject: type species for Zygothuria

Hi All,


Does anyone know who designated Holothuria lacteal as the type of Zygothuria?  Gebruk et al (2011) note that it was Herouard (1902), but I cannot find it in that paper, nor in any of the other Herouard papers I checked.


Thanks!  Gustav