What is your total enrollment 
18,000 Full time, 20,000 Part time

Public, private, 4- or 2-year? 
Public 4 year

Do you employ professional tutors? For writing or content or both? How 
Our English writing centre employs 24 professional TESL (Teaching English 
as a Second Lanuguage) certified instructors part time (24 hrs/wk) 
allocated over 4 campuses.

Do you employ peer tutors? Same as above--are they grads or undergrads? 

Do you have a separate writing center at your institution? 
Yes, We are the English/Writing Centre Our business is 100% English and 
Writing.  There is a separate peer tutoring centre who tutor all other 
core-specific courses including math.

What other instructional initiatives does your department facilitate or 
manage: classroom workshops, a coaching/mentoring program, SI, etc.? 
We provide admissions advising to students who score below the College 
English course score.

How are your tutoring sessions made: appointment, drop-in, etc.? 
Online using WCOnline scheduling software

Are you located in Student Affairs or Academic Affairs? 
We are located in the Library but report to the English department.


Barbara Weisfeld
Centre for Academic English
Centennial College
Progress Campus, Room L2-12
Voice: 416-289-5000, ext. 3150
E-mail: [log in to unmask]

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