Currently, our Learning Assistance center is funded through general university funds and 
free for all students. We are quickly reaching the ends of our budgets but more and more 
students are using our center. Thus, we are considering implementing a fee either for the 
usage of the center or a per credit hour fee to support the learning center. I was 
wondering if your institution had a fee for service or per credit hour fee and how that 
system worked? More specifically I was wondering about the following questions: 
1. Does your institution have a fee for service or per credit hour fee? If so, how much is 
that fee and how does it operate? 
2. If you have instituted a fee has it impacted the number of students you served, student 
perception of services, or another outcomes? 
3. Are there any other ways that you fund your services/Center?  

Thanks for your help!

Kirk Skoglund
Academic Engagement Coordinator
Talent Development Center
Northwest Missouri State University 
Owens Library  229
660.562.1223 Office |660.562.1049 Fax
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