Hi, Elizabeth!

We are offering two courses in conjunction with Kellogg 2016, and both are
optional. Applications in Adult and Developmental Education, HE 6541 (number
may change - this is a "Special Topics" course), is the course those
interested in Developmental Education Specialist Certification and the
practicum project would enroll in. This course would count as an elective in
any of the Higher Education programs (MA or EdS, any concerntration). The
second optional course is HE 6090, Seminar in Adult and Developmental
Education. As you may know, this is a required course for the EdS
Concentration in Adult and Developmental Education, and could be counted as
an elective in the other degrees/concentrations.

The Developmental Education Specialist Certification offered through the
Kellogg Institute is one of the most prestigious credentials in the field of
developmental education, and demonstrates a person's commitment to
delivering quality instruction and support services, grounded in adult
developmental education theory. Kellogg alumni become leaders in their
employing departments, at their state professional association chapters, and
at NADE. They are well-positioned to advocate for developmental education
programs and the students those programs serve. 

I'll be happy to discuss this further if you like. If you're on campus,
please feel free to stop by my office at 436-C in the College of Education.
Or email me at [log in to unmask] Be sure to check out the Kellogg web
page, too.

I hope you will join us this summer!

Denise de Ribert
Director, Kellogg Institute
(828) 262-2805

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