Our learning center is offering SI for the first time.  We have six SI
leaders, and each works between 8 and 10 hours a week.  Currently their pay
is coming from our “temp” budget, funded by undergraduate student fees, that
is used to hire pay-by-the-hour support in high demand subjects that exceed
our allotment of graduate assistantships, donated English and math graduate
assistants, university-funded scholarship positions, and work study
positions.  The new SI program has been extremely well-attended and
well-received by students and participating faculty members.  Several
instructors in other subject areas are interested in adding SI for their
spring courses.  

Unfortunately, the cost of SI this semester uses almost 1/3 of our limited
temp budget,  and that cost would increase to over  ½ of our temp budget in
the spring if we expand to other courses.  If we continue to fund SI from
this account and expand as requested, next semester we will be forced to
significantly reduce temp tutoring staff in other high demand subject areas
like writing, where we normally provide the most support.    

I am curious how other centers are funding SI, and/or how they have
justified the need for additional university funds to support their programs.  

Thanks in advance for any feedback!


Deidre Johnson, MA
Learning Services Coordinator
Center for Academic Achievement
Doctoral Candidate, ELPA
East Tennessee State University
(423) 439-7122
Sherrod 126
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