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Our Center for Academic Success at Florida International University just hosted its 3rd annual Tutoring Symposium.
We invite all the academic support units on our campus to share their work and discuss areas for future collaboration.
You can see our agenda attached.  This  symposium is offered in addition to our tutor training program.
It makes for great networking!

Hope this helps  :)

Vicenta M. Shepard
Reading and Learning Coordinator
Center for Academic Success
Green Library, 120
305 348-2441, ext.2295
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Subject: Planning a "conference" style training for tutors

Hi all,

About 4 years ago, a colleague and I came across the idea (from another
institution) of having a conference-style orientation/training whereby tutors could choose to attend concurrent sessions. Until recently, I very much doubted the possibility of this ever coming to fruition.

As of the past 1-2 years, I have extra help in the form of "Senior" tutors as well as an additional professional staff member; I am starting to think that this may be feasible to execute next August.

Do any other centers offer a similar training? We will have around 80-90 tutors participating, with some of those leading the breakout sessions. I would love more information on how other programs facilitate this kind of training.

‚Äč in advance!


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