Hi, Bridget,

What is your total enrollment (just an estimate)? 14,000/year,

Public, private, 4- or 2-year? public, 2-year

Do you employ professional tutors? yes (defined as anyone not one of our
students or a volunteer--several are upperclassmen or grad students at

For writing or content or both? both

How many? 41 (plus 7 volunteers and 3 academic coaches)

Which areas (e.g., statistics) all (math, statistics, physics, writing,
sciences, business, computer science, engineering)

Do you employ peer tutors? yes

For writing or content or both? currently only for content--we use them in
the Writing Center as well when we have qualified students--2 of our
current writing tutors worked in the Writing Center as students

How many? 8 (plus 1 academic coach)

Which areas (e.g., statistics) math, statistics, physics, sciences,
computer science

Do you have a separate writing center at your institution? no

If not, how much of your business is writing? 28%

What other instructional initiatives does your department facilitate or
manage: workshops, reading coaching, success coaching, math boot camps

How are your tutoring sessions made: drop in for everything (including
writing), with appointments also available for the Writing Center

Are you located in Student Affairs or Academic Affairs? Academic Affairs

*Mary Early, Ph.D.:* Director, Learning Support Center

18401 N. 32nd Street, Phoenix, AZ  85032
phone |  (602) 787-7183  •  fax | (602) 787-7820
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