I am running into an issue with the faculty instructors for some of our SI-supported courses. Our SI leaders are allowed to hold 2-hour extended review sessions 3-5 days before exams if they want. As the program grows, the instructors are increasingly relying on SI leaders to hold these sessions to "help students prepare for the exam". Moreover, they are continuously encouraging (or in some cases demanding) that the SI leaders hold "mock exams" during their extended review sessions. The format is similar across the board: the SI leader creates a mock exam (often with instructor feedback), students complete the mock exams individually (most common) or in pairs/small groups during the first 45-60 min, and then they go over the questions for the remainder of the session. The feedback seems to be that this helps students identify what they don't know prior to taking the exam. The SI leaders like it because it helps them manage the 100+ students who attend extended reviews.

I'm against this format- I don't believe it's the most beneficial for students and it certainly is not in line with the SI model. Unfortunately, many of the SI leaders have a hard time doing anything other than what the faculty want. The problem has really come to light because I am enforcing a "No Worksheet Week" next week to encourage my SI leaders to be more creative in their facilitation of material. Several instructors have told me SI leaders they want them to conduct mock exams anyway.

I'm wondering if anyone knows of anything in the literature that I could share with the faculty (and my SI leaders) to encourage them to think differently about "mock exams"? Has anyone else had a similar issue? If so, how did you address it?

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