Good Morning!

We are in the planning process of launching a Student Success Center on our campus.  We will be located in the library, and renovation is progressing for the space.

On our campus, we have a program that hires tutors/mentors to work at three locations on campus.  One of the locations is in the library, and they will be moving from there to the Success Center.  Typically, these student workers rotate among locations, but our center has requested that we have a consistent group of these students to work in the center.  Their program does fall under the same Executive Director as the Success Center.  Since they are already employed by the university and have gone through an application and interview process with the program that hired them, I need to develop a way to choose which of these tutors/mentors will work in the center.  Several of the students are interested in working in the center, so this gives me the ability to ask them to apply.  They are all in a CRLA/ITTP-certified program.

Success Center workers will require a unique set of skills-we are not just asking the students to tutor and mentor like they have been doing.  They will have to be able to answer a variety of questions about student services, and we will also be intentionally reaching out to first generation and under-represented students on campus.   So, I am developing an application from scratch to try to draw in the most compassionate, patient, customer service-oriented student workers.

This brings me to my questions.  I know this is a unique situation, but if any of you are in a similar situation, would you be willing to share your applications with me?  If not, do you have any "must-ask" questions that you would include on the application?

I appreciate your help!


Lara Vance
Associate Director
Student Success Center
Eastern Kentucky University
Whitlock Building, Room 336
521 Lancaster Ave.
Richmond, KY  40475
(859) 622-8773

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