We have used AskOnline for over nine years at Houston Community College. Although we use it exclusively for asynchronous tutoring, it also has a really robust synch chat system. It allows for absolute transparency of the tutors' work, provides all of the reports I could ever think of, and offers incredible customer support. We tutor  about 25 subjects (and have an OTHER category), with 60+ tutors. By far, our strongest component is our online writing center, which handles most of the workload. In the humanities, work force, and social sciences, we offer two-tier tutoring,. That means that if a student submits , say, a history paper, a history tutor reviews it for content AND an English tutor reviews it for grammar, structure, and organization. Both tutors look for plagiarism.

When we decided to develop an online tutoring program, one of the first decisions we made was that we wanted to use our own tutors, whom I hire and train, instead of anonymous tutors who work for the provider. That decision has worked out perfectly for us. In addition, we have a robust library of handouts the tutoring staff has developed and a link to scores of web sites that we have vetted.

As always, I'm happy to provide more details about what we do and how we do it. To see how my site works, go to and watch the 8-minute video on the log-in page. To go into the program and see it from a student's point of view, use the User ID/password combo  peanut/butter .

Deborah Hardwick, Mgr.
Online Tutoring

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