NCES Releases the 2015 Nation's Report Card for Mathematics and Reading for grades 4 and 8

The National Center for Education Statistics has released The Nation’s Report Card: 2015 Mathematics and Reading. Performance results are reported for the nation overall, for states and jurisdictions, and for 21 districts participating in the Trial Urban District Assessment (TUDA).The findings are available online at the Nation’s Report Card website. 

The results from the 2015 assessment are compared to those from previous years to describe change in fourth and eigth-grade students’ performance in mathematics and reading over time. Performance results are presented as NAEP scale scores
and as percentages of students at the Basic, Proficient, and Advanced achievement levels. The report also includes information about the performance of different student groups, as well as performance gaps by gender and race/ethnicity. NAEP results date back to the early 1990s. 

Results for the nation reflect the performance of students attending public schools, private schools, Bureau of Indian Education schools, and Department of Defense schools. Results for states and districts reflect the performance of students in public schools only and are reported along with the results for public school students in the nation. Charter schools are included in the public school samples at the state level. For the Tribal Urban District Assessment, charter schools are included only if they contribute to the district’s Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) reported to the U.S. Department of Education.  

Students who took the mathematics assessment responded to questions designed to measure their understanding of mathematics in the areas of: number properties and operations, measurement, geometry, algebra, data analysis, statistics, and probability. Students, who took the reading assessment, responded to questions designed to measure their reading comprehension across two types of texts: literary and informational. 

Norman Stahl
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