Good morning everyone-

I am one of many who are putting together a strategic assessment report and am addressing a section on department structure. Since you are the very best source of this kind of information, could you take two minutes to answer the following:

What is your total enrollment (just an estimate)?

Public, private, 4- or 2-year?

Do you employ professional tutors? For writing or content or both? How many? Which areas (e.g., statistics)

Do you employ peer tutors? Same as above--are they grads or undergrads?

Do you have a separate writing center at your institution?
If not, how much of your business is writing?

What other instructional initiatives does your department facilitate or manage: classroom workshops, a coaching/mentoring program, SI, etc.?

How are your tutoring sessions made: appointment, drop-in, etc.?

Are you located in Student Affairs or Academic Affairs?

Thanks so much and good luck to everyone working on these reports!

Bridget Ponte
Director, Center for Academic Achievement
Carlow University
Pittsburgh, PA

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