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This is just a reminder that the call for abstracts for this special issue
of Network Science are due Nov. 1.

*Call for Papers: Special Issue on the Coevolution of Networks and Health*

Editors: David Schaefer, jimi adams, and Tom Valente

Networks influence behaviors and health outcomes for individuals and
populations through multiple mechanisms. However, networks are not
exogenous to their effects—health and other factors contribute to the
selection processes that underpin network structure. In practice, network
effects and network selection processes feedback on one another in such a
way as to create dynamic systems wherein health and networks constitutively
coevolve and shape one another. Numerous disciplines have helped to develop
our understanding of these processes: from anthropology to statistics,
biology to sociology, engineering to epidemiology, human development to

To address the reciprocal relationship between networks and health, we are
soliciting papers for a special issue of Network Science. This special
issue is intended to integrate multiple disciplinary perspectives that
investigate health & networks’ co-evolutionary processes. Papers may
address either of these processes—effects of networks on health or effects
of health on networks. Ideally, papers in this issue—collectively or
individually—will reflect the intersection of these processes.

Some potential topics include:

●      Large-scale modeling of interpersonal infectious disease dynamics

●      Statistical decomposition of health influence from selection effects

●      Network approaches to explain person-animal or person-environment
vector-borne diseases

●      Ethnographic accounts of the coevolution of network and health

●      Health ramifications for network support, sociality, withdrawal,
and/or avoidance

Extended abstracts of 2 to 4 pages should be sent to [log in to unmask]
by November 1st with the subject “Network Science – Network and Health
Coevolution.” Extended abstracts should provide a clear outline of the
paper to be submitted, including: a clearly articulated (set of) research
question(s), theoretical situation of the aims in appropriate literature,
data to be used, and summary of the analytic approach. Extended abstracts
will be evaluated for overall quality and their fit with the special issue
theme. Authors invited to submit full papers would be asked to do so by
January 31st. A special issue editor, two peer reviewers, and an editor of
Network Science will review all submitted papers. Submission criteria for
full manuscripts can be found at:


●      Extended Abstracts Due: November 1, 2015

●      Invitations to Submit Full Papers Sent: November 30, 2015

●      Full Papers Due: January 31, 2015

●      Initial Review Decisions: March 31, 2016

●      Revised Papers Due: May 15, 2016

●      Publication: Winter 2016 (articles will be available online upon

Direct any questions to one of the special issue editors: David Schaefer (
[log in to unmask]), jimi adams ([log in to unmask]), or Tom
Valente ([log in to unmask]).

Ann McCranie ([log in to unmask])
Assistant Director of Research Administration
Indiana University Network Science Institute <>

Managing Editor, Network Science <> (
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