Good Friday Afternoon everyone, a quick question for anyone who can help.  We are trying to develop records (primarily electronic, but some physical) naming conventions for our organization.  The physical record titles we have to date haven't been standardized to any great degree (just whatever the user decided they wanted).  The same is true for the electronic files in our shared drive locations - no standardization.

We are soon moving to a DMS where the record names won't have to follow the "rules" of electronic file naming (i.e., they can basically be named with any name just like a physical record).  Can anyone provide a good resource, best practices, or past experience for developing records naming conventions?  It seems that there are some stark differences between standardized naming for a physical record (or DMS record) vs. an electronic file (for example, physical record naming conventions say never use abbreviations while some electronic file naming convention sources encourage using abbreviations to reduce the length of the name).


-          Brett

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