B.C. Transportation Minister Todd Stone admitted Thursday that he has
"triple deleted" his emails, despite a report published on the same day
that condemned the practice.

"I have triple deleted my emails from time to time," said Stone.

"Some emails are deleted, some emails are kept. That is, I think, how all
British Columbians manage their email."

VICTORIA — Senior B.C. government officials are deliberately frustrating
public requests for information and wiping away emails with a "triple
delete" procedure so no one can follow their tracks, says B.C.'s privacy

Elizabeth Denham released a scathing report Thursday that identified abuses
and disregard of freedom-of-information legislation that results in keeping
sensitive records away from the prying eyes of the public, media and its

B.C. Privacy Commissioner Elizabeth Denham is sounding the alarm over the
investigation into access to information practices of two provincial
government ministries and the Office of the Premier.

Denham’s report suggests investigators uncovered negligent searches for
records, a failure to keep adequate email records, a failure to document
searches and the willful destruction of records.

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