Hello BESTers,

I hope everyone (in the US) had a great Thanksgiving.  Today marks the 
official beginning of the holiday season.  While it's easy to get caught 
up in the deals and doorbusters, let's not forget this is also the 
season of giving.  As I've said many times, food donations offers a 
great opportunity to reduce food waste.  In Canada, a bill is gaining 
traction that will incentivize food donations through tax benefits.  
While common sense would say encouraging businesses to donate safe, 
edible food is a good thing to fight both hunger and food waste, some 
poverty advocacy groups are fighting the proposal.  They claim that food 
that is donated is often "garbage" and that it eliminates the ability of 
the poor to buy food for themselves and to choose what they eat.  They 
also argue that food donations do nothing to help the root problem.  
This article does a good job of presenting both sides of the argument, 
and while I still subscribe to the idea that food donations should 
always be encouraged, these counter-arguments are important to note.  
There still seems to be a lot of stigma to overcome on donated food.

Have a great weekend,


Edible waste tax break campaign gaining traction with cities
Randy Shore
Vancouver Sun
November 17, 2015