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Date: Nov 23, 2015 2:45 PM
Subject: 2015 ICRM Election Results
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2015 ICRM Election Results

Below are the results of the 2015 ICRM Board elections. We would like to
thank all the candidates who agreed to stand for election and all the
members who participated in the election by voting.
President Elect: Wendy McLain, CRM 306 votes   Write in - Ilona Koti, CRM 1
vote   Secretary - Treasurer: William W. LeFevre, CRM 305 votes   Write in
- Cheryl Pederson, CRM 1 vote   Regent - Legislation and Appeals: Paula
Sutton, CRM, IGP 174 votes   John Krysa, CRM, CIP 136 votes   Write in -
Catherine C. Wilson, CRM, ECMp 1 vote   Regent - Examination Administation
and Grading: Laurie Carpenter, CRM, IGP 131 votes   Mary W. Haider, MBA,
CRM 47 votes   Tyrene Bada, MS, CRM 45 votes   Laurie Blandino, CRM 36 votes
  Larry Kreger, CRM 28 votes   Catherine C. Wilson, CRM, ECMp 21 votes

*2015* Total vote count: *316* votes (out of 1,160)

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