This is just a reminder of what I said in our final class this week:  If you encounter multiple choice questions you want to discuss, please go ahead and ask about them on the discussion board.

Because I'm not sure they are consistently numbered for all of us, please identify the week, and then just copy the question text, something like this:

"In the question that follows the answer is more than one of the above.  I think the correct choices for this question are "a" and "b". Is this right?

You want to winsorize a distribution:
a.  take the bottom 20% of cases and set their value to that of the next highest case
b. take the top 20% of cases and set their value to that of the next lowest case
c .take the top and bottom 20% of cases, and set them to the highest and lowest value in the original data set, respectively
d . more than one of the above"

You'll see a "Final Exam Discussion" thread to post these kinds of questions.

Good luck to all, Michael


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