Dear Yusuke Yamana,
I would be grateful if you would forward to me a copy of your recently published paper on Thyone.
With all good wishes for 2016,

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Subject: Re: Validation of Psolus and Thyone

This is Yusuke Yamana, in Japan. The new Thyone paper is now published. If you need a reprint, please contact me, and I will send you the pdf file.



Yusuke Yamana

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2015-11-27 5:25 GMT+09:00 Алексей Смирнов <[log in to unmask]>:

Dears Mark and Gustav! Thank you very much! It is wonderful that Oken is admitted as original outher of two common holothuroid genera again. Alexey.

Суббота, 21 ноября 2015, 23:41 UTC от "Mark O'Loughlin" <[log in to unmask]>:

Greetings all

Two matters:

I do wish to acknowledge and thank Gustav Paulay for looking after our holothuroids on WoRMS. A remarkable and reliable and invaluable resource for us, that does not just happen. Sincere thanks, Gustav.

At Gustav's initiative, he and I applied to the ICZN in July 2012 for the reinstatement of Psolus Oken, 1815 and Thyone Oken, 1815 as available names . Very recently the Commission voted unanimously in favour of our application. Just 200 years after Oken created the generic names!

Attached is a scanned copy of pages 237 and 238 of the recent Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature 72(3) September 2015 with the case and ruling.

With gratitude to Gustav and the Commission, and best wishes to you all


Peter Mark O'Loughlin
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Всего самого доброго,