Greetings HOSA!

This is quite a lengthy e-mail, but it is VERY important that you read all
of its components and complete the necessary forms as we end this semester
and give you an update of some incorrect dates and times that have been
changed. Just a follow up that we have one more week left to get those
membership points in! For all you procrastinators we have lots of events
remaining so you can make sure you have the required 3 General Body
Meetings, 1 Social, 2 Service, and 1 Fundraising point.

Check the point document below to see what points you have left to get.
Also remember that the bonus category applies to ANY group in which you are
lacking points! If you have any discrepancies or questions about your
points feel free to e-mail [log in to unmask]

Our last General Body Meeting will be this Wednesday, December 9th at 7:20
in Little 0113. Following our General Body Meeting will be our Christmas
Social in which we will have food and refreshments. Feel free to sign up to
bring treats and earn a bonus point! Yes, you read that correctly this one
day is a three point opportunity, GBM, Christmas Social, and bonus point
opportunity for bringing a treat.

Our last social will be the Finals Social on Reading Days Thursday,
December 10th and Friday, December 11th. You only have to attend one day to
receive the point but if you attend both one will count as a bonus point.
Come join the HOSA officers at Marston where we will be renting out rooms
to study for finals! On Thursday, we will be in Carson L118 from 6pm-12am
and on Friday we will be in Darwin from 12pm-4pm. Rooms are a first come
first served for HOSA members, but please just sign up as to which time you
will most likely attend so we can add more rooms accordingly.

During our Finals Social, we will be downstairs selling coffee and candy in
Turlington on the same days and times as above, to raise money for
competition accommodations. You are more than welcome to take a study break
to come down and grab a snack or help us sell and earn a Fundraising Point.

Make sure you sign up for the category you choose to compete in if you are
planning on competing this year. Selections need to be finalized by
Wednesday, December 9th

If anyone is interested in participating in Dance Marathon but isn't sure
they're ready for the full 26.2 hour commitment of being a dancer, you're
in luck! There is a new position called FTKrew opening this year. There are
two teams, Morale FTKrew and Marathon FTKrew. Morale FTKrew will be working
with a specific theme hour at Dance Marathon, and assisting Morale captains
with their work. Marathon FTKrew will work with Dancer relation, Operations
and Hospitality team captains to help with their tasks throughout the
event. There is a $20 application fee, and interviews will be held January
4th-8th from 5 to 10 pm. As a member of FTKrew you will be asked to attend
meetings in the spring, attend DM events, and raise at least $300.
Applications are due by December 13th, and can be found at and the $20 can be paid at Also for those of you who
already registered to dance, you can sign up for FTKrew as well, and
whatever you choose to do the other fee will go toward your fundraising

We would highly appreciate your feedback to our survey and remember your
responses are anonymous as we prepare to make HOSA an even better club for
next semester. If you have any ideas for events or general request or
things you would like to see from HOSA please take your time to fill out
the survey.

Shirts will be available for pick up at the GBM and this is the last day we
will collect 3 cans for the Food Drive which counts as a service point.
Lastly, remember that if you are unsure if you can get all of your required
membership points by the end of the semester, you can still earn bonus
points by bringing a friend or participating in ANY health related event
not related to HOSA or e-mail Danielle in membership (e-mail above) if
those bonus points are still not enough to satisfy the requirement.
Executive Board
HOSA at UF, 2015-2016

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