Our research project, Student Voices, is moving forward. Please check out
some of the Student Voices we have already heard by going to and clicking on the Student Voices link.

We continue to look for students who have been challenged academically and who
have succeeded or are now in the process of successfully completing their
coursework.  Please help us by suggesting students for project. The purpose
of the research is to collect information about what factors contributed to
their success and the implication this has for our

Those who participate will be asked to record a short description of their
experience that will be part of a series of podcasts. The interview content
will be connected to theory and research for discussion. The podcasts will
then be linked to our website and used in a blog
available to educators as a resource for best practice.

Students will be asked to give permission for their names and institutional
affiliation to be used or they may request to be anonymous. We will provide
each participant with a certificate of participation that they may choose to
use in their resumes.

We hope you have good student candidates for this project. Please let us
know “off list” by replying to us at our emails below, and we will discuss
the process for connecting with them.

Thank you!

Sharon Silverman
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Martha Casazza
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