Hi All.
For many years, we have worked independently if disability resource services in providing tutoring to students with disabilities.  All of our tutors are peers, so there has been no special accommodation on our end beyond that which the student brings with them.

Apparently one of our courses that many students must take provides on-line interaction that is not accessible.  So we are now looking at who is responsible for assisting students while they use this.

There is a new director in disability services here who expects far more from us than what we are used to doing when tutoring with these students.  We are now facing some new issues with regard to tutoring with accommodations, specifically for students with vision disabilities.

How do you all deal with the fine line between tutoring students with disabilities and tutoring and accommodating students with disabilities within the tutoring program?

Any suggestions on how to move forward as I discuss this with the dean would be appreciated.

Thanks you for your thoughts.

Shevawn Eaton, Ph.D.
Director, ACCESS
Northern Illinois University
815 753 0581

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