Are you ready to graduate and need more information on the Graduate School’s electronic thesis & dissertation submission process? This afternoon, head to the McKnight Brian Institute DeWeese Auditorium at 4pm to hear the Graduate School Editorial Office’s Stacy Wallace and the Application Support Center’s Ken Booth tell you everything you need to know to prepare for submission.


To register, log into GIMS and follow the steps below.


Registration Instructions

  1. Login to GIMS using your GatorLink ID and Password:
  2. Once you login, on the top of the page click on the “Workshops” tab
  3. Find the “Electronic Thesis & Dissertation Submission” workshop
  4. Under “Register” click the box and then “Submit”
  5. After you complete this process, you will receive an email confirmation.


If your schedule changes and you are unable to attend the event, repeat the steps above to remove yourself from the list of workshop attendees.