This year marks the 72nd annual Engineering and Science Fair and the director team invites you to present your research in a poster symposium at this year’s event! The Engineering and Science Fair brings together students in grades K-12 from around the state of Florida to the University of Florida to learn about engineering in an engaging way.


In order to participate in the Research Symposium portion of the event you must:


1)      Fill out the Google Form below by December 2, 2016

2)      Create a 3'x4' poster (tips:

3)      Be present at the E-Fair (held in the Reitz Union) for at least one class period on either February 21 and/or 22, 2017 to share your poster

4)      Have an interactive element of your project to share (optional but encouraged)


Where: Reitz Union

Date of Event: February 21-22, 2017

Deadline for Application Submission: 11:59 PM December 2, 2016