If you're working on a humanities grant or fellowship proposal, let us help you perfect it before those spring deadlines with the:


Winter 2016 - UF Humanities Grant/Fellowship Proposal Review Opportunity


Faculty, staff, and students in the humanities are invited to submit complete, polished draft proposals (minus reference letters) for single-blind review by an interdisciplinary panel of three UF referees with experience serving on national grant review panels. Participants will receive detailed comments and suggestions on how to strengthen the proposals for a particular funding opportunity.


This proposal review opportunity is limited to 15 participants. Individuals are welcome to participate even if they have participated in past opportunities, but in the case of over-subscription preference will be given to new participants. The entire proposal review is conducted over email.


This opportunity is organized by the UF Center for the Humanities and the Public Sphere, with support from the CLAS Dean's Office and UF Office of Research. Feel free to reply with any questions.



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