UF Students, Faculty, and Staff,

The Florida Society of the Social Sciences will hold the 11th Annual Conference of the Social Sciences this Saturday, March 19th, from 8am-5pm in the University Auditorium.

We are proud to host the esteemed Dr. Patricia Hill Collins as our keynote speaker. Dr. Patricia Hill Collins is Distinguished University Professor of Sociology at the University of Maryland, College Park and Charles Phelps Taft Emeritus Professor of Sociology within the Department of Africana Studies at the University of Cincinnati. She has written many award winning books, and her work is featured on the syllabi of over 200 colleges nationwide.

Dr. Patricia Hill Collins's address will be at 9:30am in the beautiful University Auditorium on Newell Drive across from Turlington Hall.

The conference features the research of graduate and undergraduate students from a variety of fields from schools across the state. Workshops, held by students as well as faculty, feature unique professional development topics, such as writing for publication, grant writing, and communicating research effectively to the media. Complementary catered breakfast and lunch will be offered to all who attend.

The 11th Annual Conference of the Social Sciences is free and open to the public. Please come for part or all of this exciting academic event!

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