Announcing a pop-up F3S event--Conference B-Sides (Workshops and Crafting for Social Science Professionals)


Wednesday, May 25th at 3:00 PM in Turlington 3302, F3S will be hosting a short series of workshops (one afternoon only!) geared toward pampering and promoting the professional that lives inside of each and every student of the humanistic and social sciences.


                Like the other side of a phonograph record, Conference B-Sides is an unexpected and indispensable complement to our annual conference of the social sciences. Focusing on professional success, but taking on the freer and lighter spirit of a record’s “B-side”,  the workshop series will be very hands-on. In addition to crafting professional selves and award winning documents, participants will craft magnets and bookmarks that inspire them to reach the very goals they discuss during interactive lessons and activities. A light meal will be served. Then, participants will take home not only the tips they gathered, but also their bookmark and magnet. As a show of support to caregivers, one magnet and bookmark crafted by each participant will be donated to a health promotion program for caregivers raising their grandchildren or other relatives, promoting sense of shared struggle and accomplishment, and inspiring caregivers to reach their health and wellness goals while we reach ours!


View our flyer on Facebook for more details. Email [log in to unmask] to RSVP. We don’t think you’ll want to miss this! But… You’re professional; it’s your call.


Florida Society of the Social Sciences

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