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The Department of Aging of Aging and Geriatric Research is looking for a new home within UF for our DEXA body scanner DENSITOMETER DISCOVERY W low dose x-ray by Hologic. Original cost was $66,500, acquired Sept 2011 and warranty expired on Feb 19 and was upgraded last year. Serial# 85846


It costs $3,100 to move with 2 weeks’ notice from Hologic. We prefer the receiving department absorb the moving cost. Otherwise, the unit is free to your department. It is a great deal! We just need to move this unit so we can bring in our other unit from Orlando, where we ended operations.


Their moving contact is

Nancy Warner

Move Coordinator - Service Administrator, Hologic, Inc.

P: 781-999-7620

F: 781-280-0670

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The Hologic Discovery DXA system enables you to identify patients at risk for osteoporosis and other debilitating conditions. Delivering exceptional precision and pinpoint accuracy, Hologic Discovery DXA technology delivers high quality images for your at-risk patients. The Discovery DXA system features bone densitometry technology that allows clinicians to assess bone health in patients who may be at risk.

Discovery delivers:

The Discovery DXA system offers exceptional precision and accuracy to help you identify patients with osteoporosis and/or who are at risk for fractures.


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Features of the Discovery DXA system include:

High Definition Instant Vertebral Fracture Assessment (IVA-HD) 

The IVA-HD tool dramatically improves the detection of vertebral fractures by doubling the resolution of previously available techniques with a low-dose, single-energy image. Vertebral fracture status, combined with traditional bone density testing, is the gold standard for fracture risk assessment.2

Abdominal aortic calcification

The IVA-HD tool also allows you to visualize calcified plaques in the abdominal aorta, which may be a significant indicator of heart disease and stroke.3-5 Exclusive to Hologic, this feature provides vital information that may link to coronary heart disease (CHD), which is the leading cause of death for women. In fact, nearly 39 percent of all female deaths in the U.S. are due to CHD.6

Advanced Body Composition Assessment and InnerCore Visceral Fat Assessment

The Advanced Body Composition assessment feature produces color images displaying the distribution of fat, lean mass, bone and fat mass index. The information is translated into an easy-to-interpret report for improved patient management and counseling.

Our DXA systems incorporate the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) whole body composition reference data. The Endocrine Society recommends annual bone mineral density and body composition exams for bariatric surgery patients.7

FRAX* 10-year Fracture Risk Assessment

The FRAX fracture risk assessment tool calculates a patient's 10-year probability of hip and other osteoporotic fractures. FRAX was developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) to help healthcare providers identify and proactively treat patients with a high risk of debilitating bone fractures due to low bone mass and other significant risk factors.

*FRAX is a trademark of the World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Metabolic Bone Diseases, located at the University Of Sheffield Medical School, UK.

Reporting Solutions

Whether you are entering patient data or interpreting patient results, Hologic offers comprehensive tools to streamline bone densitometry workflow to improve your practice's efficiency, giving you more time to spend with patients.

Physicians Report Writer DX is a comprehensive tool that combines the patient's information, BMD, IVA-HD and FRAX data into an automated electronic report.

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Our Technology-

Our Discovery DXA system offers some of the latest innovations in bone densitometry technology, including:

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Brian K. Stanton

Editor and MS4 Coordinator

Department of Aging and Geriatric Research, UF, COM

Phone: 352-294-5858

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