Date:     January 19, 2016


To:          Chairs/Directors, Graduate Coordinators and Graduate Staff


Cc:          Provost, Deans, Associate Deans, Academic Personnel, Student Financial Affairs, Graduate Admissions


From:    R. Paul Duncan, Senior Associate Dean, Graduate School


RE:          Ph.D. Program Profiles



The Graduate School develops profiles of UF's Ph.D. majors for use by potential applicants and other stakeholders. Available data are summarized in a "dashboard" about admissions, currently enrolled student demographics, completion rates and time-to-degree, and post-graduation circumstances, including job placement and student indebtedness. Data came from four sources - GIMS, Graduate Admissions, Academic Personnel, and Student Financial Affairs. The dashboard summaries have now been published three times and a fourth round of information will be released soon.  They will continue to be updated and released around this time each year. 


A password protected site in GIMS is available for your program to preview the dashboard information and add comments. This part of GIMS will only work with Internet Explorer Version 10 or lower, Firefox, and Chrome. A direct link is available on the left-hand navigation menu under Department Data labeled "Manage Program Profile." Separate text boxes under the four headings will be available for your remarks.  The comments are intended to provide readers with a context about specific features of the data as they might apply to a particular program.  For example, the dashboard gives the percentage of Ph.D. students with funding as TAs, RAs, GAs and Fellows.  Your department may use other sources of funding for your students in addition to those who are funded on assistantships or fellowships. You may choose to put this information in the comment box in GIMS, which will then appear as a note on the dashboard.  If you choose to make comments, limit them to 50 words per box.  To ensure that your comments are included on the dashboard at the time of its release, please add your comments in GIMS by noon, Wednesday January 27th.  As in the past, however, the comment sections in GIMS will remain available for additional remarks or modifications throughout the year.  GIMS may also be used if you would like clarification regarding any of the data elements which serve as the foundation for the dashboard graphics. For example, the list of students that were counted for each cohort in the dashboard can be found under Department Data -> Reports->Cohorts Lists.


The dashboards will be made available to the public on *Monday, February 1st* by close of business. They will be found at  Thank you in advance for helping to promote all of UF's Ph.D. programs.