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On Tue, Jan 12, 2016 at 11:36:49AM +0100, LEVALLOIS Clément wrote:
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>    Dear List members,
>    I need to have a measure of how widespread is the distribution of a node
>    attribute in a network. Let me explain:
>    My nodes have a textual attribute, let’s say “preferred flavor for ice
>    cream”
>    I would like to know to what extent the flavor “raspberry” is a value
>    which is evenly distributed in the network, or to the contrary, just found
>    in one community. A low value would mean that only nodes from a subregion
>    of the network have this taste, a higher value would show an even
>    distribution of the value across the whole network. I imagine that a
>    difficulty is to account for the frequency of the attribute: if many nodes
>    of the network have “raspberry” for the value of the attribute, it will
>    tend to make this value distributed more widely.

Hi Clement,

do you already have (or consider) a decomposition of nodes in



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