Call for abstracts for the session
Qualitative Social Network Research
XXXVI Sunbelt Conference of the International Network for Social Network Analysis
Newport Beach, California, April 5th – April 10th, 2016

Ethnographers led in the early development of the concept of social networks as a way to describe social structure. Working primarily through participation observation and interviews in the context of long-term fieldwork, these early ethnographers introduced and developed concepts like density, subgroups, and reciprocity, forming the theoretical basis for the mathematical description and quantitative methods of contemporary social network analysis. In this session, we highlight work that continues in the early ethnographic tradition of the qualitative description of social networks – whether or not it is in preparation for or tandem with the quantitative study of social networks. We seek research using a range of qualitative methods including interviews, participant observation, narrative analysis, mapping, oral histories, etc. We are looking for research that demonstrates the power of qualitative methods for uncovering aspects of social networks easily missed with other methods. We also welcome papers that introduce ethnographically-grounded concepts or provide new ways of looking at old concepts related to social network characteristics and processes.

Deadline: January 4th 2016. Abstracts up to 500 words should be submitted at When submitting, select the Organized Session “Qualitative Social Network Reserach" from the list.

Silvia Dominguez
Northeastern University
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Rosalyn Negron
University of Massachusetts- Boston
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Silvia Dominguez PhD
Sociology & Human Services
Center for International Affairs and World Cultures<>
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Northeastern University
Boston, MA 02115
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Getting Ahead: Social Mobility, Public Housing and Immigrant Networks, 2011. New York University Press
Mixed Methods Social Networks Research, co-editted with Betina Holstein 2014. Cambridge University Press