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Happy 2016 to all!

I was reading an article on academic publications ( https://www.timeshighereducation.com/news/the-1-per-cent-at-the-centre-of-research/2014812.article )  and saw this statement…

… an h-index of 16 or more, which is regarded as the “hallmark of a successful scientist” ...

Is that true???  For both hard and social sciences?  And if true, which calculation do you trust? Is the Google Scholar h-Index a trusted source?

This brings up another question… How do all of the WWW sites for papers/research such as arXiv.org, academia.edu, researchgate.net, etc. affect paper rankings?  Maybe many of these papers never make into an “official journal”?  These sites probably keep stats on papers browsed, papers downloaded, and so on.  A downloaded paper shows greater interest/attention than a browsed paper.  Are these online publications omitted, or included, in h-index calcs?  Anyone know how all of this works?



Valdis Krebs
Orgnet, LLC
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