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Hi all,

I'm a neuroscientist studying genetic drivers and behavioral targets of
resting-state brain networks. I'm looking for help computing network
parameters from resting-state functional connectivity MRI data, with the
aim of using those parameters as variables in regression analyses with gene
and behavior data.

Currently I have correlation matrices containing a row for every subject
with columns of node-to-node correlation values, or strength of functional
connectivity, representing weighted edges (see link). I would like to use
this file to visualize and compute such parameters as degree, density,
betweenness centrality, closeness, etc. Could anyone help me transform such
a file into one usable for Gephi or another program to visualize and compute
network properties for multiple subjects in one step or relatively
efficiently? Alternative strategies/ideas also also welcome.

Thanks so much in advance.

Kevin Bickart, MD/PhD
Anatomy & Neurobiology
Medicine intern, CPMC 2015-16
Neurology resident, Stanford 2016-19


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