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If anyone is studying the viral diffusion of  messages/tweets on Twitter/onine networks, they might be interested in one of my tweets.

Normally when one tweets, if there will be a viral explosion, it happens quickly and continues quickly and dies quickly.  My tweet, started slowly and keeps going slowly — but, keeps going nonetheless.  Still being actively retweeted after 3 days. Seems to be crossing country borders in the process.  Kind of like the Turtle vs. the Hare

Here is the link to the tweet(which is from my business Twitter account), not sure if there are tools to track one tweet over time?  Some type of snowball sampling?


Also, for a comparison… I tweeted almost the exact same message (added “the”) from my personal Twitter account.

It was not as viral as the one from the business account… it stopped spreading after a few days. Yet, I have 3x as many followers on my personal account than my biz account.

The link to the similar tweet is here:  https://twitter.com/ValdisKrebs/status/688229707972644864

Both tweets travelled (via RT=retweet) past my network horizon(Friedkin, 1983), something that Watts found very rare in his early studies of online diffusion networks(2012).

Timing of tweets seems to be very important… who is paying attention at the time of the tweet? And then… who is paying attention to them?

Would be interested in any research that comes of this.  


Valdis Krebs
Orgnet, LLC
Twitter: @orgnet

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