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Call for abstracts for the conference

Networks in the Global World 2016 

Multiple Structures and Dynamics:

Applications of Network Analysis to European Societies and Beyond 

July 1-3, St. Petersburg, Russia 

Deadline for submissions:  March 1st 2016



Dear Colleagues,

Please consider participating in the conference “Networks in the Global World” in St Petersburg, Russia. The general conference topic for 2016 is “Multiple Structures and Dynamics: Applications of Network Analysis to European Societies and Beyond!

Abstract submission deadline: March 1.

Conference dates: July 1-3. 

NetGloW’16 will host such acknowledged network analysts as Peter Bearman (Columbia University), Ronald Breiger (University of Arizona), Han Woo Park (Yeungnam University), Michael Batty (University College London), Wouter van Atteveldt (VU University Amsterdam), Peng Wang (Swinburne University of Technology), Iina Hellsten  (VU University Amsterdam), Johan Koskinen (University of Manchester), and others.

The following sessions call for abstracts (see sessions’ descriptions here):

      Network analysis of cultural and social duality

      Words and networks

      Socio-material network analysis: relating individuals and physical contexts

      Statistical modeling of multimodal networks

      Qualitative analysis of multimodal networks

      Making sense of big network data: testing hypotheses on new data

      Social media networks

      Urban networks

      Networks in arts

      Networks in science, technology, and innovation

      Social movements and collective action as network phenomena

      Network analysis of political and policy-making domains

Papers on other network analysis topics are also welcome and will form additional sessions.

We welcome theory, method and applications papers from various disciplines and using different approaches.

Additionally, a number of software workshops and focused seminars are planned (no additional fees apply for registered participants of the conference).

Free accommodation will be provided to MA and PhD students who submit the best abstracts.

Fees: standard: 50 EUR. MA and PhD students: 20 EUR.

Abstracts (200 words) can be submitted here: 

We would appreciate if you could kindly forward this letter to potentially interested colleagues.

Best regards,



Dr. Nikita Basov
Scientific manager, Centre for German and European Studies (Bielefeld University - St Petersburg State University)
Senior research fellow, Faculty of Sociology, St Petersburg State University
E: [log in to unmask]
M.T.: 007.921.444.23.04
Office: 007.812.710.35.94
Skype: Nikita Basov

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