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*Call for contributions:*

*Social Media and Demographic Research: Applications and Implications*
*Cologne, Germany, 17 May 2016*

This Research Workshop is co-organized by the IUSSP Scientific Panel on Big
Data and Population Processes as a side event at the 10th International
AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media (ICWSM-16), taking place in
Cologne, Germany, 17-20 May 2016.

*Deadline for submissions: 18 March 2016*

*Direct access to the workshop website.

*The IUSSP Panel on Big Data and Population Processes invites contributions
from colleagues interested in Computational Demography. The Panel
encourages submissions from researchers who wish to present their work, as
well as the attendance of scholars interested in broadening their exposure
to the topic.*

Demography has been a data-driven discipline since its birth. Data
collection and the development of formal methods have sustained most of the
major advances in our understanding of population processes. The global
spread of Social Media has generated new opportunities for demographic
research, as individuals leave an increasing quantity of traces online that
can be aggregated and mined for population research. At the same time, the
use of Social Media and Internet are affecting people’s daily activities as
well as life planning, with implications for demographic behavior.

There are clear benefits inherent in connecting demography and data
science. As ever more complex population-level data become available,
demography can offer rigorously-developed concepts, measures and methods to
those involved in the ‘big social data’ revolution. As social media
services become a major source of social scientific data, the interaction
with data science holds great potential to advance demographic research as
well. Despite the great potential involved in these interactions, there is
unfortunately very limited communication between population researchers and
data scientists. This workshop is intended to favor communication and
exchange between the two communities and would revolve around the main
theme of applications and implications of social media for demographic
research. Topics that are relevant for the workshop include, but are not
limited to:

   - Population research with social media data
   - Demographic features of online communities or services
   - Sentiment analysis associated to demographic events like immigration
   - Implications of social media and Internet for demographic behavior
   - Nowcasting fertility, mortality or migration with online data
   - Understanding population health with social media data
   - Methods for extracting information from non-representative samples
   - Applications of demographic methods to online populations

Participants who wish to present their research must send* an extended
abstract (2-4 pages) or a full paper by e-mail to
[log in to unmask] <[log in to unmask]> by 18
March 2016.*

Submissions will be evaluated by the Organizing Committee on the basis of
quality and fit to the workshop theme. Accepted abstracts and papers will
be presented as short presentations, lightning talks or posters. *Participants
who are interested in attending but do not submit a research paper or a
position paper should submit a paragraph explaining why they are interested
in participating, what they would gain from participation, and how they can
contribute to the workshop.*

There will be no formal proceedings for the abstracts and papers submitted.
However, if we receive enough high quality submissions, and if there is
enough interest from participants to the workshop, we will propose a
special issue of the open access journal *Demographic Research* - one of
the top journals in the field.  The issue would include a selection of
papers presented at the workshop, after going through the peer-review
process. We have already contacted the Editor of *Demographic Research*,
who agreed in principle to the possibility of hosting a special issue in
the journal.

*Appel à contributions:*

*Médias sociaux et recherche démographique : applications et implications*
*Cologne, Allemagne, 17 mai 2016*

Cet atelier de recherche est co-organisé par le Comité scientifique de
l'UIESP « Big data et processus démographiques » et se tiendra lors de la
première journée de la 10e Conférence internationale de l’AAAI sur le web
et les médias sociaux (ICWSM-16) organisée à Cologne (Allemagne) du 17 au
20 mai 2016.

*Date limite de soumission : 18 mars 2016*

Cet atelier se tiendra en anglais. Toutes les soumissions doivent se faire
en anglais.

*Accès direct au site internet de l'atelier.


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