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A bit of shameless self-promotion here regarding a new article on “Networks and Religion” that was just published in the Journal of Social Structure:


Also, consider submitting a paper for or attending the organized session on “Networks and Religion” at the upcoming Sunbelt conference in Newport Beach:

That social networks play a central role in religious life is fairly well established. We know, for instance, that they are crucial for the recruitment and retention of members, the diffusion of religious ideas and practices, motivating individuals to volunteer and become politically active, the health and well- being of people of faith, and conflict, radicalization, and (sometimes) violence. However, most (not all) of the research in this area has been conducted by social scientists unfamiliar with social network methods. This session offers an opportunity for social network analysts to bring their unique skills to bear on a phenomenon that greatly impacts the contemporary world.

Organizer: Sean F. Everton, Associate Professor, Defense Analysis Department, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA 93943. Email: [log in to unmask] 

 Please submit your abstract (not exceeding 500 words) between November 16th 2015 and January 4th 2016, using the conference's abstract submission system, found here:
When submitting your abstract, select the Organized Session title “Networks and Religion" from the list of session titles.

Please see the conference website (www.sunbelt2016.org) for additional information on the conference.

Sean F. Everton, PhD
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