Hello BESTers,

There are many reasons why food is wasted, and certainly picking 
eating, especially among children, is a contributing factor (I've seen 
firsthand the amount of vegetables school children throw away).  As a 
reformed picky eater, this is something near and dear to me.  This 
article presents an interesting angle as to why low-income children have 
poorer diets.  The idea is that children on average are naturally picky 
eaters, and to overcome picky eating, children must try foods several 
times (I know this worked for me). The author posits that low-income 
families cannot afford to have children try food and not eat it - every 
calories purchased is extremely precious.  Therefore, these families 
only purchase food their children will eat, which is generally has low 
nutritive value.  In essence, the article is saying families that can 
afford to waste food, will end up having less picky children that have 
healthier diets.  (However, speaking again from personal experience, I 
remember when I would try foods I didn't like, it wouldn't go to waste, 
rather my parents would end up eating it).  Nevertheless, this is a 
interesting idea, and shines new light on the interconnectedness of 
poverty, nutrition, and food waste.

Have a great weekend,


A Hidden Cost to Giving Kids Their Vegetables
Caitlin Daniel
New York Times
February 16, 2016