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You raise an interesting question as to whether there could be a policy/ordinance requiring donations of unused grocery food in Alachua County.  I cc: Sally Palmi,  Director of Solid Waste & Resource Recovery in Alachua County, who might better address the question from a policy standpoint and know if any State laws pertain to this matter.


I can report that in fact there are presently some volunteer based programs in place here that rely on such donations.  Gainesville Harvest ‘gleans’ food to provide to local needy. I don’t know if the group has a website but there is some info here-  http://www.gainesvillevolunteer.com/where-to-volunteer/gainesville-harvest/ . Also I am aware that donated food from Publix and Leonardo’s Pizza is used to feed homeless weekly at one downtown church.  Of course there are multiple Publix locations so this may also be happening in other locations I am not aware of myself. 


In Orange County, CA there is a public private partnership for food recovery.  Waste Not OC Coalition was begun by a county health professional who became aware of the food insecurity issue and impact on public health. Here is info- http://www.wastenotoc.org/  

This PBS program features this CA model- http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/health-jan-june14-hunger-01-24/  (around 6 minute point).


Kathleen Pagan, AICP, Senior Planner, Alachua County Growth Management


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Wonder if we could trial that in Alachua County..


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Hello BESTers,

In a follow up to a post last year, this week marked a revolutionary day in the fight against food waste in France.  As of Wednesday, all supermarkets in France are required to donate unsold food to charities instead of discarding it.  Besides reduction, food donations are the highest and best uses for potentially discarded food, , and supermarkets are one of the greatest potential sources of food capable of being donated.  While this law is certainly an aggressive step, it will be valuable to watch it unfold to see if it is a possible model to follow in other countries.

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French law forbids food waste by supermarkets
Angelique Chrisafis
The Guardian
February 4, 2016



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