Hi all,
I received the request below from a math grad student. Any ideas—especially for technology and resources—would be much appreciated.

“I really don't have problems understanding what I read or learning or
thinking about my field (mathematics) but I struggle a lot when I have
to produce. It is as if I had a lot of ideas in my head but then when
it comes the moment to write them down (translate them into something
readable) I can't. I guess it is sort of a writer's block, and I was
wondering if you have some resources or strategies I could use.

I have even considered using some sort of recorder/transcriber but as
far as I know there is nothing like that that writes down mathematical
formulas. Still, sometimes I need to write down my ideas to polish the
details, but I don't know how to. Is there anything you could
recommend me to read?"

Dominic (Nic) J. Voge  ||  Associate Director
Undergraduate Learning Program
McGraw Center for Teaching & Learning ||  Princeton University
328 Frist Center
(609)258-6921  ||


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