Deer, moose and bear. Now that's some good eating!

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<< I don't think you and Bill R are thinking this thru.  Self driving cars are likely to be in contact with all the other self driving cars around them, and any other car that has wifi, which many already do.>>

Maybe not, but then again, there are two things that I hear all the time..."To really screw things up requires a computer"  and "There is no way to program for all of the possible exceptions and outcomes"  Having spent my entire life driving on northern country roads, dodging deer, moose, an occasional bear and a couple of wolves, I have learned a bit about possibilities. 

Then again, I am intrigued by the potential of having the entire deer population microchipped.  I think a FOIA request for tracking information may be just the thing to replace my trail cameras.


Bill Roach, CRM

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