Well as Michael Caine once said in a movie, "He's not my superior, he's my Boss".  That's pretty much the way I look at authority, and is why I'm a manager.  I'm a bit of the irreverent type so, if I'm not part of the authority group, I don't do as well.

However you got to be a manager, control is part of it.  I'm curious though, since you kind of fell into the job through no effort of your own, but simply as a result of your superiors thinking they just had to have you because your ideas are so fantastic, how many times did you have to turn them down before they made you an offer you couldn't refuse?  

In my experience it's been twice, then the offer was just too good to pass up.  In fact in my last interview, after they told me that they didn't give moving bonuses to administrative staff I made that a condition of acceptance ( I like a challenge), so I walked out with an extra $3,000.

Most cars today are either a boring white, black, or a shade of grey, and SUV's are still the best selling vehicle, so if one was to guess, saying you drive an SUV (in one of those colors)is likely to be true, even if it's not in your case. It was just a guess, I wasn't implying anything if you don't happen to like them.

From what I understand these cars are not going to just have computers in them, were already there.  They are going to have AI and be connected.  Image your car connected to 100,000 other cars and all of them are sharing experiences and learning....

 Bill Creamer
Records & Conflicts Manager
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