Hello BESTers,

This week a major report was released by the ReFED (Rethink Food waste 
though Economics and Data) group, which is a collaboration between over 
30 businesses, nonprofits, and government organization a to bring about 
real change in the fight against food waste.  The report, called "A 
Roadmap to Reduce Food Waste by 20 percent," is an in-depth and 
pragmatic look into how the US can reduce its food waste by 20% within a 
decade, using currently available technology and resources.  The 
comprehensive report covers all three major fronts against food waste: 
prevention (reduce food waste at the source), recovery (reuse edible 
food through food banks and donations), and recycling (recycle food 
waste into usable products, such as compost, biogas, or animal feed).  
Sounds like the 3 R's (reduce, reuse, recycle) we've been hearing about 
for decades.  This report, at 96-pages, is a lengthy read, but is worth 
at least a skim as it contains critical information and data and will be 
an invaluable tool going forward.

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This Could Be the Best Way to Solve America’s Food Waste Problem
Justin Worland
March 9, 2016

Direct link to report: