Greetings LRNASST Colleagues,

If you are involved with peer learning programs, you might be interested in
the updated annotated bibliography I maintain on postsecondary programs.
It has more than 1,100+ references to publications about Supplemental
Instruction, adapted versions of SI used in other countries, Emerging
Scholars Program, Accelerated Learning Groups, Peer Assisted Learning,
Peer-led Team Learning, Structured Learned Assistance,ad Video-based
Supplemental Instruction.

You can download the document at

The document is available in Word and PDF formats.  It is nearly 400
pages.  I also provide the EndNote database used to maintain the
bibliography so you can download it.  I understand it may be opened in
other reference management systems as well.  Be sure to download the
keyword document I used to index the references to make it easier to search.

There has been a great deal of research in the past two years since I
updated the document.  A couple of themes would be rigorous evaluation
studies in STEM courses and more research on the impact of the study group
experience for the study group leaders themselves.  Peer learning programs
are such wonderful co-curricular learning experiences for everyone involved.

No doubt I have missed some great articles.  My regrets.  Please send me
the citations and even a copy of the document and I will include in the
next update.

I hope to see some of you at the NADE conference in a couple of days.

Take care,

David Arendale, Associate Professor

Univ of MN, College of Education & Human Development, Postsecondary
Teaching & Learning Dept, Burton Hall 225, 178 Pillsbury Drive, SE,
Minneapolis, MN 55455; (office) 612-625-2928; [log in to unmask]  Manager, http://EOA National Best Practices Center

Every day is Christmas when we make good choices. Those choices unwrap
unexpected presents of joy that await us if we do our part and trust God
for the rest.

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